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Bringing Stories to life...

Tiny T's was created in 2017 by Professional Actor, Puppeteer, Singer- Musician and Children's Writer Tara Harris, with the very same mission all the way through to now:

To inspire thousands of families around the world to feel creative, imaginative 

and put a twinkle in their eye!

We need your help...

To enable us to perform 'Spectacular' in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas as well as Live-Streaming this Summer/Autumn 2021 for everyone across the world,

we are asking for donations to allow us to

build more substantial set, pay

our actors and creatives what they deserve

and bring this wonderful family show back

on it's feet. 

Tickets will be accessible for all families and we will also be giving away from free tickets to those we feel really deserve it.

Thank you for your ongoing support and love,

Tara x 

What you can expect...

There is never a dull moment at Tiny T's HQ. Whether that's in writing a personalised story for your child's special day (or any other occasion!),  creating a family show with puppetry, object manipulation and general silliness, putting on workshops for children or designing bespoke beautiful gifts for our Tiny Shop.

Every idea and detail is specifically thought about from Tara's Tiny mind with your family's needs at the forefront of it!  

Every experience with Tiny T's should feel totally personalised and special.

NEW! Fairy Tara Matchfolk Dolls

Online Only (for the moment!)

Currently we are running all of our workshops via

Zoom which has been super successful since June 2020.

Look out for more live Theatre and Events in Hertfordshire!

We will always keep you updated when things change, so make sure you follow @tinytstheatre on social media!

Feedback, Reviews, Testimonials


Edinburgh Festival Fringe 'Spec-Tacular' Children's Show Review:

"Tiny T's Storytelling has my child captivated!"

Audience Feedback

"So well organised, so well thought through. Such good quality video.

We loved getting to know all of the characters!"

Once Upon A Woodland Activity - Parent Feedback 2020

"You were the reason my 2.5 year old started to engage in role play and enjoy acting out her favourite stories. We are so grateful to you for keeping us entertained during lockdown and after. You were the obvious choice for my daughter's birthday. The way you took the time to really get to know my daughter and what she likes and write a personalised story just for her was truly amazing.

The cherry on top was delivering it to her personally which was an incredibly thoughtful gesture

that she will remember forever. Thank you so much Tara."


Party Feedback

"The kids LOVED the party! Can't believe they sat still for it!" 

Zoom Party Feedback

You can book Tara or any of our other entertainers or teachers to entertain at your party,

tell a special story at your event, or run a class or workshop at your school or nursery. 

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