Tiny T's

Rainbow      FaiRies

One day, in a meadow far away, there was lots of rain, a bit of sunshine and a tiny gust of wind!

A Rainbow appeared, shining down onto a small patch of grass. The colours glowed bright and a tiny village of Rainbow Fairies & Elves were born. 

Since then, Tiny T's Rainbow Fairies have been placed in the world to bring little humans and their families kindness, love & gratitude. 

Each Fairy of the Rainbow represents a different skill, talent or difference in personality, allowing children and grown ups of any age to connect with them! Tara has created these fairies to show children how anyone can give anything a go, however there will always be a special diamond in each of us that shines out eventually. 

Our Rainbow Fairies are dressed in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue , Lilac & Pink and you can hire us for your special event, occasion or party, any time of the year! 

Our Rainbow Fairies

Rainbow Fairy Tara The Trust Storytelling Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Patience The Science Problem Solving Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Dandelion The Dreams and Wishes Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Crystal The Calm and Mindfulness Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Faith The Kindness Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Lavender The Helpful & Wise Fairy

Rainbow Fairy Blossom The Fruit Fairy who loves learning!

Other Characters from the Woodland:

Wendelsora The Woodland Wizard 

Miss Bake the Baking Fairy

Madame Trimella The Dragon Trainer

©Tiny T's Rainbow Fairies 2020

©Jay Stelling Design

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Rainbow Fairy Tara is now Fairy Trust! You can trust her with any secret and she will always be there for you. 

Trust loves helping, making people laugh and smile and reading and telling stories! 

Tiny T's Rainbow Fairies were created by Tara Harris for Tiny T's in 2020 and their story, colours and activities are for Tiny T's use only. 

Tiny T's Storytelling