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"Things just never seem to be going well for this family of three -

so it's time for their adventurous neighbour to step in and help! 

Through the power of some magical specs,

will Starla and her new friends be able to grant her family's wish at last? "



From Performing Tara's first Children's Show 'Spectacular' in Hitchin, Herts with Sell Out Previews and then at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 with astounding reviews, it's now time to introduce you to the first book of an upcoming series...

Tara has been working hard to bring this rhyming picture book to life with the collaboration of the incredibly talented Jay Stelling (Jay Stelling Design, as seen on Kirstie's Handmade Christmas 2018). Tara and Jay seem to gel together perfectly with both having magical imaginations full of colour and we can't wait to share this exciting book with the world!

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Look out for more books in the series in 2021 .. The Adventures of Mrs Marigold!

We need your help...

To enable us to perform 'Spectacular' in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas as well as Live-Streaming this Summer/Autumn 2021 for everyone across the world,

we are asking for donations to allow us to

build more substantial set, pay

our actors and creatives what they deserve

and bring this wonderful family show back

on it's feet. 

Tickets will be accessible for all families and we will also be giving away from free tickets to those we feel really deserve it.

Thank you for your ongoing support and love,

Tara x 

R e vE W s

"This book is the perfect bed time story! So much imagination and magic."

"Just Magical. We can't wait for Marigold's Adventures!"

"High Energy, creative props & great messages for children."

Hitchin Previews 2019

"Everything a Children's Show should be!"

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019

"Our favourite show at the Fringe

this year!"

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019


The Book

The Show

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