Summer Performances 2021


 St Paul's Church, Covent Garden, London

Saturday 24th July   11am, 2:30pm

Sunday 25th July      2:30pm, 4:30pm

Monday 26th July     11am, 2:30pm

Tuesday 27th July    2:30pm

Wednesday 28th July  2:30pm

Hitchin Festival, Hertfordshire

Friday 30th July TBC

Saturday 31st July  TBC

Tickets £9 - 


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The Big Fairy Picnic, Woolmer Green, Hertfordshire

Sunday 27th June, 2:30pm , £10 Per Child, £12 Per Adult

Enjoy a bespoke magical-themed Picnic Box on a picnic blanket whilst the children are entertained by The Rainbow Fairies playing games, singing songs and enjoying some glitter.


Todd in The Hole Festival , Hertfordshire 

17th & 18th July 2021

17th- Family Theatre - Pirate & Mermaid Fun 

18th - Fairy & Wizard Magic, Glitter & Bubbles

Hitchin Festival , Hertfordshire 

24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th July 2021

Join The Rainbow Fairies and Elves at the Outdoor Theatre venue, 'The Dell' in Hitchin and be totally immersed in the Woodland Setting. 

Rainbow School will be sessions of 1hr 15 minutes with Dancing, Games, Storytelling, Giant Bubbles, Glitter and Sustainble Art Crafting - perfect for the woodland vibe! Each child will receive a certificate for each day.


Rainbow School Themes

Monday 26th July - Magical Music - 

Storytelling, Singing, Dancing, Games, Sustainable Art Crafting -

Making Shakers, Treasure Hunt to finish


Tuesday 27th July - Spells & Adventures - 

Storytelling & Woodland Facts, 'Adventure Time' , discovering flowers & plants, Dancing, 'Spells' , Games, Sustainable Art Crafting - 

Making Wands & Crowns from leaves, twigs and nature , Treasure Hunt to finish

Wednesday 28th July - Potions Galore 

Storytelling, Flower Potions & fizzing potions , Games, Sustainable Art Crafting -

Making Wizard & Fairy Castles, Treasure Hunt to finish 

Each session will last 1hr 15 minutes. £15 per child. 10% sibling discount on overall booking.  


TOTFest Festival 

Hertfordshire - 7th August

Yorkshire -  15th August

Suffolk- 22nd August 

Fairy & Wizard Magic, Glitter & Bubbles